seelenkleid / form follows soul

seelenkleid, translates as ‘soul dress’, is a women’s wear brand founded in 2007 by the German designer Ella Haberlach. 

The artistic and paradoxical work of Ella Haberlach combines the floaty perfection of ideal beauty with the embellishments of a horrific sludge. She is consistently successful in manipulating the tension between the disparate to create beautiful and though provoking collections.

seelenkleid is an ethereal exploration into the space between fashion and art. The designs offer more than items to cover one’s skin; they are conceptual studies of the possibilities of textiles applications and the human desire to depart from everyday conventions with the purpose to transport the wearer to extraordinary places.

The fluid style of the silicone incorporates jewellery elements into the fabric, making the garment an outfit with no need to accessorize - a statement in its own right.