The new spring/summer collection is entitled aura - materialized emotions. It deals with and is inspired from the idea of the inner complexity of a woman. The pursuit of this collection is primarily to give immaterial and formless aura a concrete and malleable form. Design is thoughts, materialized. The technique to visualize and transport emotions is the process of experimental textile applications like silicone. The invisible aura appears in the fluent state of aggregation, creates innovative silhouettes and pushes the boundaries of fashion and art.

Reaching the halfway point between innocent and corrupt, the silky dresses do seem to have a split personality. But though the floaty pleated dresses are ‘dirtied’ with drips and splashes of black silicone, the design is completely polished and clean. The result is a new beautiful chaos – elegant, feminine and destructive at the same time.

The idea for aura is taken from real life. „Basically I was looking for a material that I could use to reflect both sides of life – the light and the dark parts. I needed something to visualize beauty and ugliness at the same time and give my clothes a soul. I improvised and allowed myself to loose control in order to raise expression. Characteristic of my collection is my love of experimentation and my search for new materials, which for me are always the starting point for the creative process. It seems like the soul coming out is destroying the surface and building up new silhouettes. Form follows soul“.