spring/summer collection 2011

The new spring summer collection 2011 is based on the idea of reskinning forms with liquids, suggesting the curves and movements of the female body.

The designer plays with delicate transparency, disintegration, softness and rigidity, implemented in a palette dominated by pure white and skin with contrasting flashes of gold.

Floating liquids, sharp molded shoulder shapes and infiltrated jewellery elements appear like liquefied or crumpled body parts while the skin of the garment becomes continuous with the skin of the body. - The result is a fragmented contradictory visual condition that oscillates between naked and clothed, flatness and dimensionality.

The fabric undergoes plastic deformation which allows to remodel two-dimensional digital prints into three-dimensional body shapes.

Silicone in this context acts like a medium to conserve intimacy on the skin surface. It transforms textile 2D love letters into sculptural 3D elements melting with the garment to a certain unit.
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